Wooden Stationery

Wooden brochures, wooden folders, wooden rulers, wooden bookmarks, wooden letterheads, wooden notepads, wooden diary covers form part of the Nissiwood wooden stationery.

Wooden stationery can be printed on 450 micron/ 0.4mm/ 0.018” using digital printers on a short run basis, trimmed and folded to required size. These are excellent corporate handouts during client meetings, conferences etc.

Wooden folders in A4 size made in multi layers with inner layers of cloth or velvet can come with corporate logos can be a good promotional stationery during meets and conferences.

Wood rulers can be made from 1.6 mm thick multilayer wood, again with corporate logos that can be left behind as complimentary.

Wooden envelopes and wooden letterheads can be made from our regular 250 micron paperback veneers. These wood letterheads can be printed using any desktop printers including inkjet printers without bleeding of ink.

Spiral bound notepads with wooden cover using 1.6 mm thick wood are a great option provided by Nissiwood. A more economical version is the paperback veneer masked note book covers and diary covers in wooden stationery.

Nissiwood provides wood sheets to converters for the manufacture of wooden stationery.

Samples and quote request for Wooden Stationery may be made to sales@nissiwood.com

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