Wood wedding invitations

Nissiwood wood wedding invitations are carefully crafted for the once in a life time occasion and to convey the joy, happiness and expectancy of the event. Wood wedding invites combined with wooden envelopes, reply cards, place cards, menu cards and thank you cards form the complete set of the wedding theme. Real wood species of 15 different types are offered from Nissiwood to make wood wedding invitations. Wood wedding invitations once delivered in a wooden envelopes shows the richness and specialty that is always remembered by the recipient.

Normal screen printed cards on standard species form the bulk of the orders though we offer laser engraved cards and multicolor options. We offer digital printed wood wedding invitations also. White color prints are possible by Nissiwood. Folded wood wedding invitations as well as die cut shaped cards are also offered. Folds are made by creasing and in some cases a crease cut is provided. Wherever stone embedding required as per design also can be provided.

Wood wedding invitations are dispatched in 10 days and DHL would take another 5 days to world destinations once the printable artwork and payment are in order.

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If you are looking for a customized wedding invite in wood, Please discuss with us by mailing us to sales@nissiwood.com

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