Red Cedar- Flexible Wood Sheets 600 microns/ 0.6mm/ 0.024″


Species- Red Cedar

Material-Flexible Wood Sheets

Nissiwood flexible wood sheets are specially crafted for making boxes and other objects with curved applications. Nissiwood flexible wood sheets cannot be compared to the normal sheets in this thickness as these do not break on usage. They are made with smooth surface for good printability and workability. Ideal for wine bottle wraps, luxury soap boxes, gift boxes, perfumery boxes, certificate cases etc.. Though made in 12 x 18” usually, other special sizes are also available if ordered in larger quantity. Thicknesses available are 600 microns (0.6mm/ 0.024”), 900 microns (0.9mm/ 0.035”) and 1200 microns (1.2mm/ 0.047”).