Microthin printable wood stickers

Nissiwood microthin printable wood stickers are made from a microthin layer of veneer  with a layer of adhesive. These printable wood stickers are available in 2 thicknesses of 400 microns (0.4mm / 0.016”) and 600 microns (0.6mm / 0.024”). Two different varieties of the adhesive back are made, making it suitable for permanent bonding used for products like bottle labels and removable bond for products like mobile phone backing and laptop covers. Stickers in 400 microns thickness are compatible with many digital printers and can be easily printed even in curved passage.  Flatbed digital printing is recommended for stickers in 600 microns thickness.  Nissiwood stickers are used to make products like wooden bottle-labels, wooden box covers, designer fabric stickers etc.