450 Micron Microthin Plywood

 450 micron  microthin printable wood sheets

Nissiwood microthin plywood sheets are made in many combinations to make them suitable for different customer applications.  The digitally printable microthin plywood sheets  are available in thickness of  450 microns (0.45mm / 0.018”). The advanced microthin plywood technology unique to Nissiwood ensures that the original nature of the wood is retained, resulting in microthin printable wood sheets with beautiful natural grains and a woody aroma.

This technology also eliminates brittleness giving flexible wood sheets which can be creased and folded. These thin wood sheets retain all the natural qualities of wood while being as flexible, bendable and smooth as paper, which makes them ideal for digital printing. The 450 micron microthin plywood sheets are compatible with many digital printers and can be easily printed in curved passages with the best print results. Microthin plywood is the ideal material for making many products, and is popularly used to make wooden business cards, wooden wedding cards, wood greeting cards, wood brochures and wooden letter heads.

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