Laser Engraving Wood

Laser engraving on wood is the process of using a laser beam for etching, marking or cutting the surface of the laser engraving wood. Wood generally burns darker or lighter depending on the resin or sap content. This can be achieved also by adjusting power and focus of the laser head.

We make laser engraving wood sheets with thickness starting from 0.25mm/ 250 microns/ 0.01” to 1.6mm/ 1600 microns/ 0.06” in size A3 or similar. Made from micro processed wood veneer sheets pasted together to achieve thin plywood sheets for laser engraving and cutting requirements. Our sheets engrave well as there are no joins or plastic material within. Model makers and engravers find our sheet interesting to use. Products normally made from laser engraving wood sheets are
  • Business cards
  • Architectural models
  • Wedding invitations
  • Coasters
  • Boxes
  • Albums
  • Spine cut stationary
  • Plaques
Other species in laser engraving wood sheets are available on request Dispatches of laser engraving wood sheets are in about 10 days from receipt of payments for volumes less than 2000 sheets.