Engraved business cards

Engraved business cards made out of Micro thin plywood from Nissiwood are laser engraved or laser cut out. Laser engraved business cards are with very precise and clean engravings and can be achieved from certain wood species. Our cards stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with wooden laser cut or engraved business cards.

Other laser engraved wood products supplied are diary covers, Coasters, tags, bookmarks, wedding cards etc.

Laser engraved business cards measure 2” x 3.5” x 0.017”(0.45mm) thick normally. Other thicknesses are 0.024”(0.60mm) and 0.030”(0.80mm)   Custom size available Contact us

Your logo and text is laser engraved or cut out from wood business cards. Pre samples can be provided at cost of making plus courier charges.

Laser engraved business cards are corner rounded at no extra cost as this is cut with laser along with the engraving. Sheets for laser engraving can also be purchased from us refer engraving sheets 

Engraved business cards are packed in carry cartons of 50 nos and covered in moisture proof packing for shipping. Normal dispatch 5 to 10 days and transit by DHL in 6 days, normal post in 12 days

For free samples of Engraved business cards  click here

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