Digital Printable Wood

Digital printing is the most advanced printing technique which emphasizes more on high quality print on wood on digital printable wood. This technique is used for short run printing in high quality. Most digital printing machines have color calibration necessary to print on wood which are in different natural colors.

Digital printable wood has certain restriction in thickness depending on the machine, and the smoothness of print medium is extremely important. Nissiwood makes 350 microns, 450 and 600 microns that generally passes through most digital machines to print on wood.

Nissiwood sheets to print on wood are flexible with extra smooth surface and are compatible with digital printing and give good quality multicolor prints with a special feel and appearance of wood. Digital printable wood once printed with elegant vector designs show out a classy work, that many designers are surprised with.

More often wood business cards, wood wedding cards, brochures etc. that are short run print on wood are carried out on these. Among the many substrates Nissiwood makes, digital printable wood series are used exclusively for short run print on wood.

Nissiwood thus turns the concept of digital multicolor print on wood a reality with our digital printable wood.

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Paperback veneer 250 micron/ 0.25 mm/ 0.01” Microthin plywood 450 micron/ 0.45 mm/ 0.018” Permanent veneer sticker 400 micron/ 0.40 mm/ 0.016” Removable veneer sticker 400 micron/ 0.40 mm/ 0.016”