About Us

Nissiwood belongs to a group that has been in the wood and plywood industry for four generations. The pioneer in this field and the trail blazer Late Mr. P I Thomas, was intrigued by the plywood tea chests in the ship during his voyage to England from India. Tea chests were brought from England to pack tea and transport back to England. He then decided to make these chests here in India and that was the beginning of this long tradition of Nissiwood in wood. It was in the year 1935 that he started South India Plywood Industries (SIPI) in Kottayam in Kerala State of India. This was the first plywood factory in Kerala and the third of its kind in the whole country. And the family expanded its horizon by adding Sylvan Plywood Mills, Timpeck Plywood Mills, Paarel Laminates, Paarel Imports & Exports Pvt. Ltd etc., all in Kerala State. Among the other companies in the group, Nissiwood was promoted by Punnose P Elias in the year 2001. Production is planned and executed in two different units for the convenience of storage of logs and comprehensive R & D for machines, resins and printing technology. An active marketing team with office in Cochin is Nissiwood’s window to the global market with emphasis on catering to the needs of its customers worldwide.