800 Microthin Wood

800 microthin wood sheets

Sturdy sheets made from microthin layers bonded together, microthin wood sheets of 800 microns (0.8 mm / 0.031”) can be used to make different products. It is the same thickness as credit cards and hence it is popular for making wooden hotel key cards, wooden swipe cards, wooden membership cards etc. Other products which are made from this microthin wood are wooden post cards, wooden tags, wooden menu cards, diary covers and wooden coasters.  The stability of the material makes it ideal for use in marquetry and craft and for making architectural models. This microthin wood is recommended for screen printing, laser engraving and cutting as well as for flatbed digital printing. Laser engraving on microthin wood sheets is very popular at 800 microns since this material is very stable and flat for accurate laser work.

Microthin wood is the ideal material for making many products, and is popularly used to make wooden business cards, wooden post cards, wooden menu cards and wood brochures
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