Wooden Swipe Cards

Biodegradable swipe cards

For those who care for nature and want to do away with plastic cards, we offer Wooden swipe cards. Biodegradable swipe cards are made using wood seems the best alternative for plastic cards.

Wooden gift cards – Gift cards in CR80 specs Birch wood card with LOCO or HICO magnetic stripes provided as required. FSC certified wood, print both sides CMYK colours as required. It is suggested not to go for full bleed as the wood will not be visible. These are bulk printed and used as gift cards. Biodegradability is 99%.

Wooden blanks for swipe cards
For those who manufacture swipe cards, we provide 0.76 mm/ 0.03”/ 760 micron thick 12” x 18” size wooden sheet blanks for making biodegradable and Eco-friendly swipe cards. These sheets can be applied with magnetic strips, die cut and printed in bulk. Baltic Birch with FSC certification is used in the making of these sheets. All materials used within are Eco-friendly and sustainable. Wood sheets are extra smooth to make printing very easy. These wooden sheets can be easily converted to CR80 specification cards for the manufacture of wooden gift cards. The die cut cards can be printed bulk on a KBA OC 200 printing machine.
Samples and quote request for Wooden Swipe cards may be made to sales@nissiwood.com