Wooden Luxury Packaging

Wooden boxes, Wine bottle wraps, wood labels, wooden tags form part of the Nissiwood collection from luxury packaging products.

Wooden boxes for gifting spices, sweets, soaps and other complimentary items can be made using Nissiwood Flexible series of products in 600/ 900 or 1200 microns. These sheets are strong, thin yet not breaking easily as compared to what is available elsewhere. Wine bottle wraps are made using Nissiwood 1200 microns Flexible wood. Printing of wooden boxes can be by screen or by laser engraving or cutting form part of luxury packaging.

Wood labels again form part of the luxury packaging using permanent wood stickers or removable wood stickers as the case may be. Labels can be screen printed/ digital printed/ laser engraved and die cut to shape as per customer designs in the luxury packaging industry.

Wooden tags used as baggage tags by premium class in airlines, other premium products like leather industry, textile, spices are made from different thickness from the Nissiwood range of products. Die cut tags with printing and engraving are common. Wooden tags that form part of luxury packaging are very unique and much appreciated.

Samples and quote request for Wooden box flexible sheets, Labels and Tags for luxury packaging may be made to sales@nissiwood.com

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