Inkjet printable wood sheets comes with special coating (eco-friendly and natural) which prevents the liquid based ink from bleeding through the grains. The surface of inkjet printable sheets are extra smooth and enhanced ensuring quality and trouble free printing. These wood sheets therefore can be printed using any standard inkjet printing machines.

Nissiwood’s Inkjet printable wood sheets are primarily used for printing on desktop printers in letter writing. Inkjet printable wood sheets basically come in three different woods that are Indian Birch, Ceiba and Mahogany. Size of inkjet printing wood sheet is A4 and 8.5 x 11″ only.

An eco-friendly natural coating is provided for these sheets by which Nissiwood maintain the biodegradable to the full extend. Corporate bodies with love of nature prefer to write on wood rather than paper that contains bleach, chemicals, filler etc..

Nissiwood inkjet printable wood sheets are packed in 100’s boxes made of high quality moisture protection boxes for safe storage and transport. Paper boxes are used to store to protect from high and low humidity conditions. One must not expose these inkjet printable wood sheets to direct air condition so that the wood goes dry.


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Inkjet Printable Wood Sheets

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