This is a fast growing plantation origin wood species grown in farm lands of India. It is one of the fastest growing plantation trees. This has an intermittent grain structure, with a pale yellow background and brown to grayish veins which gives a more wood like appearance. Dark color printing is recommended.

Local name – Mullilavu

Botanical name – Bombax Ceiba


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Paper Back Veneer250 Microns | 350 Microns

Microthin Plywood450 microns | 600 microns | 800 microns | 1600 Microns

Flexible Wood Sheets600 Microns | 900 Microns | 1200 Microns

Permanent Veneer Sticker400 Microns | 550 Microns

Removable Veneer Sticker400 Microns | 550 Microns