Printing on Wood

We are a family run business spanning three generations with more than seven decades of expertise in working with wood. Our passion for experimenting with wood led us to become one of the very few manufacturers of microthin printable wood veneers in the world.

What is Microthin Printable Wood?

Microthin printable wood veneers are made from real wood. Very thin layers of wood are processed from mighty logs and 2 or 3 layers of veneers are combined to create a material which is smooth, soft and flexible like paper.

Nissiwood Microthin Printable Wood Veneers

If you have an eye for the unusual, and you work with paper or make products like cards, invites, tags, bookmarks, boxes or the like, we have just the thing for you. Nissiwood’s microthin printable wood veneers, in different thicknesses and sizes will be perfect for you. Nissiwood printable wood veneer is a dream to print on using different types of printing technology like digital printers and screen printers. Even engraving and cutting using lasers is easily done.  Shop for printable wood veneers which are the smoothest available, retains natural colour and grains to bring you the authentic feel of wood while printing on wood. Whether you seek elegance, glamour or romance, you will find something suitable in our range of twelve species.

We embrace a Graphic1 philosophy and offer products that are 100% bio-degradable as well as PVC and chemical free. We use wood obtained from sustainable sources and process it using solar energy. Our manufacturing process consumes much less wood than the same volume of paper. From product quality to saving the environment, the Nissiwood team follows best practices in global quality standards to bring you a world class product that is best experienced first-hand. So, we invite you to spend some time on our website and then write in to let us know if you want samples.  See the beauty of our product, breathe in the rich woody aroma and feel its silky smoothness. We are sure you will love our printable wood veneers as much as we do.

How to Order

Nissiwood microthin printable wood sheets are offered in digital printable size like A2,A3,A4,SRA3,12’’x18’’,13’’x19’’,11’’x17’’,8.5’’x11’’ etc and 8 different wood species. Click here to see available species.

We have listed each product in separate pages which you may find in the ‘Shop by Material’ tab in the menu above. You may buy the sheets of your choice through the shopping cart in each page. The minimum order quantity for each product is 10 sheets and minimum volume required to place an order is 50 sheets.

We ship all our products worldwide through DHL @ flat 50USD.